Joining a Gym in Basingstoke


Basingstoke GymNowadays, fitness gyms and health clubs are sprouting up almost everywhere.

It has been reported that some 129,397,925 people all over the world are gym members.  In the UK alone, there are 80 fitness clubs with over 233,000 members. 72% of these members have full access to all gym equipment and facilities, while the remaining 28% of gym-goers use the technology and light-weight bearing equipment.

Indeed the majority of people in the UK are making health and fitness one of their priorities and to accomplish this endeavour, working out in a fitness gym or health club is a must.

Fitness gyms began their popularity during ancient times.

workoutThe Greeks were the first people who introduced the term ‘gymnasium ‘which means physical fitness. It was part of their educational curriculum for young men. A training ground for physical growth and endurance, as well as a venue for mental development. Soon after, the Germans adopted this form of educational curricula and built the first gymnastics and fitness centre in 1852. Eventually, building gymnasiums in schools and health facilities reached the western countries and a number of gym and fitness centres were erected. A world class gym which was introduced by Olga Sloutsker in 1993 in the United States, gained its popularity because of its state-of-the-art equipment and highly-personalised scientific exercise programs.  Because of this development, fitness centres have also increased in Russia and in the Soviet Union.

Today the fitness gym has evolved into a more sophisticated venue for physical training and wellness.

It transgressed into a facility that develops not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. They have different facilities and services for all types of well-being needs. A typical modern gym consists of several areas. There is the main workout area which primarily consists of free weights and exercise machines. There are built-in mirrors in every corner and along the walls so that gym goers can check and maintain their correct form and posture during their exercises. Gyms that are mainly consistent of free weights such as dumbbells and barbells are called black-iron gyms.  These exclusively consist of strength training equipment as opposed to the regular exercise machines.

Young Woman Jogging on TreadmillA fitness gym also has a cardio area.  This area is solely concerned with cardiovascular training equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, and elliptical trainers. During the workout sessions, exercisers can make use of audio-visual displays to keep their workout more entertaining, especially if their exercise sessions are long!

A lot of leisure centres today which are the newer ones, include group exercise sessions which are primarily conducted by a certified fitness instructor. Usually, these sessions are centred on targeting cardiovascular strength, endurance or aerobics such as boxing, Pilates, yoga, and other high intensity training. Some health clubs also offer sports facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, and tennis, squash, and badminton courts or in some, boxing areas. Most of the time, use of these facilities will incur additional fees over and above the gym usage charges.

What makes a workout session challenging for most exercisers are the programmes given to them by their personal trainers. They will be given exercise programs and meal plans customized for their fitness routine ad activities of daily living. Other services include health bars, restaurants, members lounge and cafes and a mini-child workout area. Currently, fitness gyms and health clubs are incorporating an eco-friendly centre which is focused on the principles of “green living.”

People Exercising at the GymWorking out and going to the gym regularly has a lot of benefits.

It has been scientifically proven that physical fitness does not only provide a more fit and able-body. Moreover, it contributes to the emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness of a person.  It helps, control weight, it strengthens the cardiovascular system which in effect lowers blood pressure and triglyceride levels, lowers the risk of metabolic diseases and some type of cancers. Exercising in health clubs and fitness centres also improves social relationships with other people.  Psychologist ruled out that regular workouts in general can help treat depression and balance mood swings. It helps in calming the mind and the body.

Because of the growing trend of health fitness and work out programmes, it is no surprise that locals in Basingstoke are highly engrossed with physical fitness. In effect, a number of fitness gyms have been established to cater for the fitness needs of the area, and joining a gym in Basingstoke is becoming part of one’s life.  There are a couple that stand-out when it comes to services and fitness facilities in Basingstoke. For example, Basingstoke ABC Gym, located in Essex Road, focuses its workout programmes through boxing routines. Fitness First Clubs, a modern health facility with branches around the world caters to a plethora of facilities and health services.  It includes a spacious-fully-air conditioned gym furnished with the latest equipment and three one-to-one sessions with personal trainers.  It also has a ladies only area, so they will feel more comfortable when exercising.  It has a weight area, spinning room and a studio for group exercises.

woman exercisingTruly it is a modern health club for individuals who want to work out in comfort and style. Another one is Curves 30 minute Fitness Centre. It is a women’s gym that gives a total body workout with both aerobic exercise for weight loss and strength training. They provide an exercise program that can help a woman lose up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes. It has been recognized as one of the largest fitness centres and health club franchises in the world providing affordable, one stop exercise and nutritional information for women.  For those individuals who are keener on sports, joining the Basingstoke Sports Centre is the best option. It has an extensive range of facilities and highly trained staff to personalise an individual’s exercise program. Premier members are entitled to unlimited use of the Mixed or Ladies-Only gym, a choice of 120 classes a week in one of the five air-conditioned studios, use of the swimming pools, health-spa together with a free health check and consultation, including a personal training programme.

There are still a lot of fitness gyms and health centres in Basingstoke. Finding the right one that is suitable for your health needs and budget is what makes it a bit tricky. However, once you are a gym member the rewards are endless. Carry out a bit of research for a list of health clubs and gyms near your location. Ask them about their facilities, equipment, and mode of membership payments that they offer. Sometimes gyms will give you a discount once you pay in advance for a full a year.  Just be patient in your search and in no time, your work out will be as rewarding as your gym membership.

So there you have it…

This is generally what we needed to share with you today in regards to Basingstoke Gyms. Call one today so they can begin working on your health and fitness right away.